13 Men Looking to Fuck on Friday the 13th

Here are some cracks you can step on this Friday the 13th.

Jason Vorhees has nothing on these studs…

Feeling superstitious this Friday the 13th? You can enjoy the day with ladders, black cats, umbrellas, and the number 13 plastered on your computer screen. Sounds scary? Well, that luck is about to change.

Here are some gorgeous men on gay cams who are about to turn that bad luck into an amazing night to remember.

In honor of this holiday, we present you with 13 sexy studs who are here for all your horny needs. These guys are getting naked on and want someone to fuck. They’ll jerk their cocks, give great cumshots, suck their toys, and more dick fun.

If you’re all about the ass, then just let them know you want to see these hotties on all fours. They’ll spread the cheeks, touch their holes, and might even bring in a nice silicone toy.

How about some fun Friday the 13th butt games? Maybe your favorite hunk will give himself 13 nice spanks! Or, maybe you could get him to cum 13 times…these hotties are always up for a challenge! Maybe some umbrella play? A lot of things can be done there on gay cams…

Check out the top 13 men tonight and see how lucky they can make you feel…after all, luck favors the brave!

1 Brent Snake

Gaycams stud Brent Snake in white briefs

2 Axel Crow

Gay cams star Axel Crow and ripped abs

3 Dany Davis

Gay cam star Dany Davis in black shirt

4 James Terrey

Gaycam star James Terrey in white briefs

5 Charliie Hotx

Gaycam stud Charliie Hotx in grey shirt

6 Hunter Bridges

Gaycams model Hunter Bridges in green boxer briefs

7 Liu Kent

Shirtless gaycams star Liu Kent

8 Gabriel and Harper

Gay-cam stars Gabriel and Harper couple

9 Mike Terrell

Gaycam stud Mike Terrell in black hat

10 Magic Mak

Gaycams hunk Magic Mak shirtless

11 Mauro C

Gay cams hunk Mauro C in nature

12 Robin Rieff

Gay cams hottie Robin Rieff in red briefs

13 Connor Heat

Gay cams stud Connor Heat in black undies

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Here Are 3 Gorgeous Men Who Want a Date and Fuck This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost time for the most romantic night of the year. Let’s make it a special evening with some of the hottest guys in the world!

When we’re single (or taken) on Valentine’s Day, it makes the night so much nicer when we have a handsome man who will be there for us. Some guys you can find at the end of the bar- other guys you find on the Internet. Thousands of hot cam studs are waiting for that special someone to make them feel nice this Valentine’s Day on They’ll be in their rooms with the candles, chocolate, red undies, and rose petals all over their chests. Feel free to open a bottle of champagne with them before you guys enjoy some virtual fucking on gay cams.

Seriously, these guys have a lot to offer when they get down and dirty. From stroking their cocks, to playing with their holes, to fuck machines, to handcuffs, oil, lube, pain and punishment, or just some jerk sessions together, live gay chat is where it’s at! Cum see what it’s all about with these three guys who are at the top of the site in February!

Here are their photos, their best fan reviews, and other things listed in their profiles!

Donny Harrington

“All my time with Donny is amazing, his body is in the best shape ever and he delivers every time. He is also not just sexy but a very nice person and I just love his smile.”

Apolo Makris

“Amazing young man. Handsome, sweet, genuine, and HOT! Playful, imaginative, and responsive to other people’s sexual imaginations. A special guy.”

Kieran Benning

“I am young, energetic, and a little emotional. I love to learn new things, do you want to teach me anything??”

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Have a Special Time With New Belami Boy Pierce Bailey on Gay Cams

Pierce Bailey is the new ‘it’ Belami boy. We love a good Belami boy on gay cams who can blow a good load…now we’re so happy to see Pierce on who can make his fans crave more of him.

“Absolutely love when people are nice and polite because it’s not really easy to get into my soul, but that means maybe u are the person I’m looking for.”

Pierce loves nipple play and roleplaying the student-teacher game. This guy is only 21 so he can make a good student…or, he can be your professor. He can actually be anything you want him to be.

After only a couple of months, Pierce has gotten some great exposure. Fans love this guy’s body and his beautiful smile.

“Pierce is amazing and so wonderful. I got to know him and each private I took him into became absolutely wonderful. He knows what I love and he gives 100% to please me. A very sweet and handsome young man. He is the best always and I love every second of my time with him.”

“Pierce is a very sweet and caring person. He listens to you and gets to know you. Can’t wait to have a private show to talk with him more.”

“Pierce is a very polite, beautiful, and amazing human being. He is not only handsome and he really cares to get to know people. It was an amazing experience. Lovely young man.”

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Jimmy Lorrd is a Brand New Cam Model, Let’s Give Him a Great Show!

Jimmy Lorrd is a hot 19-year-old who started camming at the beginning of September 2021. Now, just a couple of weeks later, he’s already one of the most requested cam models on!

One of his favorite fantasies that he’s always wanted to explore is sex on the beach. He also loves playing out roleplay games that will satisfy your cravings.

“I love acting, I can be any character you want, I’m very good at that 😉 I will elevate your imagination to make it feel real.”

Jimmy is Hispanic, bisexual, and has a 7-inch monster cock. He enjoys discipline, feet, nipple play, and plenty more. With only two weeks on gay cams, he has a LOT to discover. Can’t wait to see how far this guy is going to cum…

He also has his first three fan reviews:

“Jimmy is awesome. Sweet and the sexiest! Amazing shows.”

“Jimmy is a great person, charming with smiles, chatting politely, and not shy to show his pretty shaped body. it is a pleasure to join him and to stay with him. I can only recommend it greatly.”

“I told Jimmy Lorrd that I came to his room because his pecs in his profile picture made me drool. But I stayed in his room because he is as charming, smart, and funny as he is sexy. From the moment he flashes his adorable smile and plays with his gorgeous long hair, you will be enchanted. Jimmy loves to seduce you by showing off his slim, but hot body and smooth. dark skin. He teases and taunts and leaves you begging for more.”

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College Guys on Gay Cams Who Need to Cum Between Classes

Enjoying the new semester? Working hard? Getting dick? Hope it’s a successful new year!

When you’re on a break from studying for those exams, it always helps to spend some time inside to jerk off so you’ll feel more relaxed and focused. It’s even better when that cute guy in the next dorm is willing to suck your dick. Then you can talk about your majors and how these classes have been kicking your ass. Then you can make a plan to hook up again when you’re ready for more action in the bedroom.

If you’re looking for some hot college guys who want to have some fun in between studying, then check out these three cuties on These guys are spending a lot more time on gay cams to stroke their cocks and play with their dildoes. You can join them for naughty online fun since we could all use a fuck buddy when we’re swamped with homework! Let’s have a night in with these studs!

Jacob Jamess

Age: 20

“I love to be watched, a hot and good conversation is definitely a turn-on. I enjoy it when you tell me your fantasies.”

Alan Thompson

Age: 19

“I am quite active. Come and taste what I’m made of.”

Hans Lagerfeld

Age: 23

“I’m at university studying to be an athletics coach, but I’m quite happy if you want to give me a workout. Don’t be shy to say hello.”

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Benjamin Jay is Waiting For You To Join Him in a Lustful Show

Benjamin Jay has been camming for six months now. He’s all set to get seductive and passionate in a lustful show next week.

The show is set for Monday, Sep. 20 at 2 p.m. EST.

A little idea on what to expect from this 23-year-old.

“I would like to get to know each other while we are undressing and creating a strong bond that could last forever. From a love connection to a master and slave bond, I am very versatile and eager to release my wildest fantasies.”

If we can get an amazing show by joining Benjamin, then we can definitely expect more. After less than a year, this guy has proven himself worthy as one of the stars on

So far, he’s been enjoying discipline, glory holes, smoking, and his tickler. He’s super cute and he speaks Spanish. It’ll be a good look for him when he’s on all fours showing off exactly what we want to get our faces into.

Fans are craving more of Benjamin right now:

“Be it a long or short Private Session with Young Model Benjamin Jay, you are sure to be pleased with this young man’s performance in attending to your every need responsively and with great care. Ben is an upward climber in the Modeling industry, I look forward to many more private sessions with Ben.”

“Benjamin is an energetic young man whose personality is warm and inviting.”

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Watch Abrahan, Sean, Marcus, and Alessandros Fuck in Group Party

You know what can only be better than live sex with a hot guy? Live sex with FOUR hot guys!

Abrahan, Sean, Marcus, and Alessandros are four sexy Latino men who can enjoy a group fuck like no other. These guys are super kinky and just had a great live gay chat show on last week.

There’s a lot of blowjobs and bottoming happening. The guys are naked the whole time and love a hard fuck.

Watch the full video right here!

Their most recent fan loves watching them play around…

“Took these 4 men private for 10 minutes and they had a hot gang bang. Sean (the bottom boy took it like a champ and slut in his ass and mouth. I loved it. Master Clements says to them thank you so much :-)”

After only two weeks of camming and these guys are already one of the top group models on gay cams! All it took was one show for these guys to score to the top of live sex. We can only imagine how many more shows we’re about to see with lots more hot bottom shots and sloppy blowjobs.

Just wait and see how things go in their next live performance…maybe we’ll see all four guys blow their loads all at the same time all over each other. The more cum we see, the hotter the shows we can look forward to.

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Enjoy the Fall Semester With College Guy Hans Lagerfeld on Gay Cams

Hans Lagerfeld is the fuck buddy we need in the dorm room next door. This guy is currently in school and uses his spare time to jack off for men on gay cams. He’s 23 and loves pleasing his fans on when he gets a break from his studies.

What can we do for Hans while he’s relieving all the tension from his homework? Well, this guy loves showing his cock. He’s also versatile and very curious to try new things. We’d love to see him get on all fours and bottom like the bitch boy he is.

Nothing like a good fuck buddy who’s young, doing his schoolwork, and needs to have some fun on live gay chat.

Check out what fans have said about his shows:

“I had the most engaging time in Hans’s room today. An engaging time with the host and with fellow visitors. Hans, you’re beautiful and intelligent. Thank you for being here sharing yourself. To my fellow admirers–this is one group I’m delighted to be in. To potential admirers–check out Hans; an exploration well worth pursuing. Cheers, everyone.”

“Very sexy! Amazing guy!”


Hans has been camming for four years now. So he clearly has the experience to put on a good show. When someone gets started on gay cams at a young age, he has the ability to become a professional when he’s in his early 20’s. Hans is a total pro.

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Robin Joins the LGBTQ Community- What Does This Mean For His Sex Life?

Robin can lay his eggs all over us anytime he wants.

It was just announced this week that Robin, who we all know as Batman’s iconic sidekick, swings to the side of men. At least in Batman: Urban Legends where he goes on a date with a boy. He’s the second member of the Gotham universe to join the LGBTQ community right behind Batwoman.

While most of us had an inkling that Robin could have a thing for dudes, we’re still proud as hell to see him explore his sexuality and embrace himself for who he is!

In the comic story, it looks like a villain captures Bernard, an old friend of Robin’s. When he’s saved, Bernard asks him out and the hero says yes.

So is this the start to a real, honest relationship from LGBTQ members in the Batman universe? Or, will Robin fall hard for Bernard only to be ghosted by the second date? Let’s just hope these characters can take it one small step at a time before the writers decide how to approach this romance. Right now, it seems like the two are just getting to know each other…maybe if all goes well, we can see some gay porn in the Batman universe. After all, Robin could totally be a submissive bottom.

If you like cute twunks like Robin, then check out some hotties on Maybe these dudes on gay cams will be nice enough to roleplay some superhero games for you!


Heikki Laine, Welcome to Let’s See That Dick!

Heikki Laine started his camming career on last April. He’s made his way towards the front of the site and we can all tell why. This dude is gorgeous and reminds us of that typical handsome guy next door we all wanted to talk to, but we felt so nervous to ask out. Now, Heikki is here to fulfill those fantasies. He’ll give us more than just the ‘guy next door’ vibes. We can actually make him cum!

“I like to make people happy with my smile.”

Some fetishes on gay cams that Heikki started exploring beyond his dick are training, foot fetish, and armpit shows. He’s 21, bi-curious, versatile, and has an uncut cock. He also loves working out and you can tell from those ripped abs that he knows how to keep those muscles looking juicy.

Here are his latest fan reviews:

“I would describe Heikki as a sparkling, sexy sweetheart, always kind & respectful to all. He never flogs his audience for tips or privates–both come his way often because he’s adorable, friendly, athletic, sexy and it’s fun to be in his room. His body, personality, and smile are all delicious.”

“Heikki Laine is handsome, with a wonderful body, and one of the most pleasant guys I have met. He has a charm that is priceless, with such a winning smile.”

“Sex appeal! This guy embodies virility and beauty. He is so sexy, even his mannerisms are sexy.”

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