Robin Joins the LGBTQ Community- What Does This Mean For His Sex Life?

Robin can lay his eggs all over us anytime he wants.

It was just announced this week that Robin, who we all know as Batman’s iconic sidekick, swings to the side of men. At least in Batman: Urban Legends where he goes on a date with a boy. He’s the second member of the Gotham universe to join the LGBTQ community right behind Batwoman.

While most of us had an inkling that Robin could have a thing for dudes, we’re still proud as hell to see him explore his sexuality and embrace himself for who he is!

In the comic story, it looks like a villain captures Bernard, an old friend of Robin’s. When he’s saved, Bernard asks him out and the hero says yes.

So is this the start to a real, honest relationship from LGBTQ members in the Batman universe? Or, will Robin fall hard for Bernard only to be ghosted by the second date? Let’s just hope these characters can take it one small step at a time before the writers decide how to approach this romance. Right now, it seems like the two are just getting to know each other…maybe if all goes well, we can see some gay porn in the Batman universe. After all, Robin could totally be a submissive bottom.

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