EXCLUSIVE: Jonah Blechman From ‘Another Gay Movie’ Reminisces on Cult Classic

Another Gay Movie came out in 2006 and was one of the first gay movies to go all out in the most hilarious ways. This parody of American Pie told the story of four gay teens who vow to lose their virginity only to come across the most awkward and bizarre hook-ups that lead to their own happy endings.

The movie had a lot of hot sex as well as some disgusting scenes with scat, gerbils, and the old man. But this film made such an impact on the gay community with all the laughs and crazy scenes that we can all appreciate 15 years later.

Now, in an exclusive interview, Jonah Blechman, who played Nico in the film, gave insight into what it was like to be part of this film.

“I feel like a proud papa,” he shared. “And I’m so excited for people to get to see it now and kind of see how they receive all the messages around ‘Another Gay Movie.'”

He also opened up on playing the “fem queen” type and some juicy details that happened behind the scenes…including a connection he shared with one of his straight co-stars!

Jonah then dished on his view of guys on gay cams. He finds it admirable how men can be in their own world while supporting themselves and feeling confident in their own skin. He mentioned that it’s here…and it’s here to stay!

See Jonah’s full interview below!

Another Gay Movie is available on DVD and all major platforms.

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