Daley and Callum Are the New ‘It’ Couple on

You know when someone becomes a success on live gay chat? When he becomes of the top cam guys after only THREE DAYS!

Daley and Callum have scored to the top of after only three days of camming! Clearly, these guys know how to make their audience very happy.

What is it about these two that makes them so amazing? They know exactly how to tease the camera. They also started off with an amazing shower show where they played with each other’s asses and had some hot making out.

Now it’s time to see these two fuck!

If you like watching porn, you can CREATE your own porn with this sexy couple. These guys love playing on camera and want to give you the dream show your cock has been needing.

Whether it’s cock sucking, bottoming, ass eating, spanking, kissing, or more, let these guys know exactly what turns you on. They can go on for a few minutes or for plenty longer. It’s all a matter of the kind of porn you want right in front of you.

As much as we love the attachment with one guy on camera, sometimes we need to be the third party. Real sex can happen live as long as you’re ballsy enough to say what kind of fucking gets you going. It’s been a few days and these studs are already on the site’s front page.

So let’s not wait up. This couple needs to cum on each other’s faces now.

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